Who am I?

I better start at the beginning.
When I stuck my nose out the door, it was a foggy, cold January Monday, but I had a smile on my face for the first time in a long time. It was a genuine, smile worth sharing smile. Through a series of events over a couple of months I had arisen to find out I was not the person I thought I was.
My consciousness had woken up from a long nap.
I had started the unknowing of everything I thought I knew. I’ve learned as is often the case, a life changing catalyst can jerk the neatly arranged rug out from under one’s life. I’d hung up the phone with my doctor on October 14th, and life stopped. I watched as it drifted away and I found myself unable to move.
All I could think of were my dead brothers words after his visit the day before.
“you’re OK and to be at peace.”
Kevin’s words hung in the air with me like a butterfly floating on a breeze.
I sat frozen in my truck as my life rolled by in reverse, from where I was, to where I started. She’d said the preliminary diagnosis looks like MS. Doctors always hedge their bets. I knew enough to know there was not a cure, at least in the “conventional sense”. What I didn’t know is that where I was going miracles are only experiences not yet manifested.
Lao Tzu: The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. I am down the road to exactly where I do not know. So many new people, experiences and places. I’ve quit trying to understand, and watch as my new life unfolds. I stand in awe and wonder scratching my head. I know I’ve brought this new reality into being. I just never knew I was so awesome.
My blog is the unknowing and relearning of the meaning and purpose of life.
I hope you enjoy the ride.


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