Driving Mr. ego

I woke up today and decided to not think, but just have feelings as I go through the day. I’ve been practicing letting go of ego generated thoughts, and peeling back the layers of the ego’s thick shell wherever possible.

I had been driving for three days from Wyoming to Texas, and just got home last night. Driving for three days has been very Zen. Not thinking is starting to come naturally. It was a trip to write, and I understood more of what I was writing being on the road, than in the place I went to write. Clear the mind, and be the story and the words will flow.

Our ego is our identity of who we think we are defined by our experiences created by our belief systems built throughout our life. Egos can be a very powerful element of our personality.
I have a little porthole now with enough layers peeled back where I can see my authentic self and at least check in to determine if my direction aligns with my purpose. I instructed my ego to take a time out, but it doesn’t listen well. I give it no choice.

It’s an important, and challenging exercise to recognize, observe, and be able to dissolve the layers of the ego one by one as it goes about its business of controlling the personality, and influencing our decisions about living. Understanding where a thought in the brain is coming from, and being aware if a thought is an ego driven thought or an authentic self-thought is an accomplishment in the knowing of self.

Most of us are still on that journey. I find satisfaction, and smiles in knowing I’m still climbing the mountain of understanding what is real, and from time to time I can see the top of the mountain.

Thank you for peering into my journey and sharing the trip.



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