Peace for all of us

353 days ago was just another day. I woke up, and did what I did every day. After 58 years, I thought I had it down.
Day 354, and the year that has followed has reminded me that there is an intelligence larger than all of us combined, times a quadrillion, (biggest number I can imagine).
A switch has been flipped inside me, not by me, but by the infinite intelligence guiding my direction, call it God, call it whatever you like.
It doesn’t matter why.
It was just time.
At first, as days went by, I was surprised by events that arose from nothing, suddenly crossed my path, and requested my participation.
Anymore I understand what is at work, and I yield to it.
So many amazing things have happened. I’m writing it down in a book, which I hope will be out next year.
I started searching for answers because I didn’t understand what was happening. Help has found me in more ways than I can count. I’ve met some angels and they are guiding me. I mean real angels with white wings. No shit. Slowly pieces of my puzzle have filled in. This wasn’t my world a year ago. I think that’s part of what makes me do a double take when I read my words.
As I have written about the things that are changing, more things have changed.
I am living from my heart, and not from my mind, and as I’ve said, that has opened up this wonderful new world.
I’m not unique, I’m another happy voice in the chorus, explaining what’s going on with our world, and how it works, and how we can make it better for everybody.
What I’m understanding more and more is there is a plan, and we are part of it.
As I move along my path, I’m sharing my story, and my abundance, and peace, what I’ve learned, and what is still to come.
Sometimes I know things for a reason I don’t fully understand. I call it intuition, and leave it at that. I’m aligning, and listening to my inner guidance for what I need to know, to better show others.
I know a lot of my friends won’t understand what I’m going through. It’s OK; it’s new to me too. I don’t fully understand either. I just accept it anymore. I hope others can too.
I’m not trying to be controversial, there’s plenty of that already.
I’m here to answer questions if asked, and teach.
I’m nobody special, just a hippy dude from Austin, Texas that woke up one day and realized he’s not who he thought he was.
I started down this current fork in the road a year ago, the blessings have been many, and I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve made, and the ones I’ve yet to meet.
There is no us and them. There is only us. All of us. When we all understand this, there will be peace, and everyone will prosper. In today’s world this sounds idealistic, but it is no less than what everyone in the world wants, and that is the energy that will bring it to being.
Peace, for all of us.


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