I am enough

A hundred pages is a good beginning. It’s a good foundation.
I’m breathing better now. It feels good to get my thoughts in writing. I’m finding my voice.
I haven’t written a hundred pages before, I’m in new territory. I’m also half way through writing a book.
I’ve tried a lot of different things to get to where I am today.
I had to find out who I am not, before I could find who I am.
I’ve learned to look inside of myself for answers.
We have to learn to tune out the outside noise to get clarity when we look inside our self.
I get grounded and connect to the Earth.
I focus on breathing deep breaths and relax my body.
I concentrate on one question, and tell myself, I am enough.
The hundred pages had been there for a while inside of me, waiting to be found. When I looked inside of me and found the hundred pages, it didn’t jump up and say hello.
The hundred pages did what it’s always done, and sat still, knowing. It is enough.
The second hundred pages is waiting to be found.
It’s time to go inside again and start looking around.
I’ll be back soon.


1 thought on “I am enough

  1. Thanks for this boo. Something I need to remind myself of, and give the words the time and place to come to the surface and spill out onto the page. 🙂


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