Take the next left in life. No, the other left.


Robert Frost wrote a poem about the road less traveled, he went down that one, and from my understanding he liked it…

I built my own road, and it has showed me the way to inner peace.

I used a parachute, some climbing gear, and patience.

The parachute required a little faith, so I closed my eyes and jumped. I made it over the first big hurdle and climbed up the other side. This road building thing didn’t look that hard.

Next, came the mountain where I needed the climbing gear. I had to trust a friend to teach me how to use it. I learned to trust my life in another person’s hands. I had to let go. The mountain was high, but the view from the top is hard to beat. I’ve made a lot of friends, and learned to trust, but there’s still a long ways to go.

I reached the top of the mountain, only to see ten more mountains, and very wide valleys in between. It was a beautiful view, but I had no idea what I was in for, to reach the final mountain, and what lay beyond.

To climb the other mountains, and hike through the valleys in between I needed patience. Patience can only come from one place, and you can’t buy it at any store. Patience must come from within.
I searched and searched, but my patience was not to be found. I looked inside myself, but the patience wore a clever disguise. I looked in the mirror, but all I saw was myself.
I climbed two more mountains, and walked through the valleys in between. I wanted the journey to be done, but it would not end. The path forward kept on going.
I looked inside myself again, but still I found nothing.
I was skinnier, but I still did not have patience.
I kept going because it was not the end, there are more mountains to climb, so I continued on, but slowly, because I was tired from working for so long looking for patience.
Finally at the top of the tenth mountain I sat and rested, I could go on no more.
I looked inside myself one more time, and there it was, my patience had been there all along. My patience may have been disguised as determination, it may have been disguised as attitude, but it was inside of me all the time.

The key is that everything starts from within. Our answers, all of them are inside of each of us.
When you are looking at the farthest star in the sky, looking for God, remember, it is within.
Boo Barksdale


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